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Teal Pages (TP) is a global online directory organized as an interactive alphabetical listing of businesses, non-profit organizations and government institutions. The directory is divided into geographical segments (domains) with each segment representing a particular country. Teal Pages currently covers the following geographies:

  1. Asia:
    1. Bahrain
    2. Oman
    3. Qatar
    4. United Arab Emirates
  2. Europe:
    1. Bosnia and Herzegovina
    2. Croatia
    3. Hungary
    4. Serbia
    5. Slovenia

Each country is divided into clustered headings for similar types of business activities (e.g. gas stations, oil refineries, pulp manufactures, etc.). Teal Pages was launched in September 2009 a single country being listed and ever since our tech and business teams are working on expanding the list of geographies presented as well as increasing the number of businesses listed. In addition, we pay great attention to usability, flexibility, user interface straightforwardness and technical performance — hence our streamlined look and the robust website responsiveness.

We collect and aggregate information about businesses from multiple sources, user submission being one of the most important and desirable ones — please feel free to submit your listing(s) and we'll publish it in accordance with our quality criteria.

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